Three Heroes

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Three HeroesThree Heroes must save their spaceship and their country. Short Mouse shooter. Game can be beaten in about 5 minutes or so. Play with mouse.rn---rnHOW TO PLAY:rn---rnPlay with mouse.rnAim and attack with mouse.rnIf enemies reach the middle of the screen (red zone), you take damage. Avoid this by clicking on 'Evade' buttonrnThe yellow zone shows where you can use close range attacks (punch, swords, etc). Long range weapons (guns, etc) can attack anywhere.rnMany skills are available during combat. Just select one from the ones that appear at the bottom. (Lasers, swords, healing, powers, spells, etc)rnIf you heal make sure to select your weapon again or else it will be just punch.

Three Heroes Walkthrough